"We just wanted to thank you so much for your time and patience during our recording process. You have been so helpful with your advice along the way. A special shout out to Emilio for our (accidental?) set list. We owe so much to Ember Recording Studio (for Are We There Yet). Thank you!"

- Christina, Phil, John and Mark | Bricktown Station

"Emilio was all over things. There was no stopping every 5 minutes for something like we had before. Work ethic is a first for us at a studio. So it was an awesome change of pace. He was hard-working and didn't get lazy on us. We were on schedule, got done in a timely fashion, and had a finished product in the time he said we could have one.

Russ was extremely helpful. We needed hotel locations and some other odd things from him and he gave us all the information we needed so we could avoid going into a relatively unknown area unprepared.

Russ and Emilio promised us a quality product in a timely fashion and didn't ask for a huge sum of money that a band could never afford."

- Defessus

"Emilio was very efficient with all of the different tools in the studio. He was very accomodating to all of our ideas with respect to the sound and mix of our songs. He genuinely cared about our projects and was all about helping us achieve our vision for each song.

Russ was very quick to respond about our inquiries for session time and studio availability, and getting a hold of him was always very easy. This was great for us because we were essentially doing a collaboration with a few different artists. Being able to get a hold of Russ on short notice made it easy for us to coordinate our different schedules.

The cost was affordable and the quality of the recording we heard on the website previous to recording in the studio seemed pretty solid. These two factors made us confident that Ember Recording Studio would be a good place for us to record our songs."

- Mike O’Neill

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