1) How long does it take to record, mix and master one song? How many songs can I complete in 10 hours?

If you have beats or pre-recorded music and you only need to record vocals, the recording, mixing and mastering of the vocals with the beats can be completed in two to three hours. Of course, if it takes many attempts to record it correctly, that takes more time. We always advise that you rehearse your songs as much as possible, so you save time and money in the studio.

If you are a full band with guitar, bass, drums and vocals, it will take an hour or so to set up and test all of the microphones and get the proper levels. This is time well spent because having the proper tones will ensure high quality recording and save time / money during the mixing process. If you choose to play the songs live and your band is tight, you could potentially finish the recording and listen back in 15 minutes. Then, you can record vocals and any other special parts / doubling afterwards if need be. If you record the instruments one at a time, of course this will take longer. To professionally mix a song and make it 'radio-ready', this will take 4 to 7 hours per song. Of course, we can work with your budget and mix it as best we can in an hour or two per song if that's what you can afford.

2) Do you have any instruments that we can use?

Yes, we have a Tama drum kit as well as a Mesa Boogie amplifier and 4x12 cabinet. There is no extra charge for using our instruments. A complete list of gear can be found on our services page: www.emberrecording.com/services.

3) What are your hours?

We have sessions available 7 days per week from 9am to 3am.

4) Where are you located?

Near I-696 & Schoenherr in Warren, MI 48089.

5) Are you located in a residential or commercial building?

Residential. We have a drum / live room and two isolation booths. With today's digital technology, there is no difference in the quality of the product between a home and commercial building unless you are looking for the acoustical ambience of wooden floors and 20 foot ceilings. In this case, you will be paying at least $60 per hour. We are able to provide great quality at low prices because we don't have the extra rent and utility charges of a separate corporate building. We pass these savings on to our clients. Also, there is excellent soundproofing. Thus, sessions can go until 3am if need be.

6) How do I go about booking a session?

Call 586-838-2833. Russ (owner) or Emilio (engineer) will book your session and answer any other questions you might have.

7) Is the artist the sole owner of all music created in the studio?

Yes. Engineers are 'for hire only', which means that the artist has all the rights to all music recorded in the studio.

8) Is the session data backed up?

Yes. There are nightly hard drive backups. There are 2 backup copies, one on-site and one off-site.

9) Can I leave my equipment at the studio between sessions?

Yes. There are no worries because all client equipment left on-site is covered under a commercial insurance policy.

10) Do you only record certain styles of music?

We record, mix and master all styles of music.

11) Do you have any tips or advice before we come to the studio? What order should be record the instruments?

Make sure to rehearse so that your songs are down tight. If you're a full band, you may choose to record 'live'. If you would like to record the instruments one at a time, I would highly suggest recording the drums first. If you record everything else first and all drums later, it will be very difficult to make it accurate unless you are programming drums. If you need guitar in order to play drums, then I would suggest laying down guitar only with the click track. Then record the drums. Once the guitars and drums are tight, add everything else afterwards. This will ensure a better recording. Also, if you are going to record with a click track, make sure to practice with a click track. This will save you time and money in the studio.

12) Does it cost anything to get a CD burned at the end of the session?

All times in the studio is charged the normal rate. There is no additional cost for the CD's. We will burn up to 5 CDs for free at the end of the session (so everyone in the band has a copy).

13) Do you have a refrigerator, microwave or water?

Yes, we have free bottles of cold and room temperature water. If you want to bring food, you can put it in the refrigerator or heat it up in the microwave.

14) Is there a minimum age for the studio?

There is no minimum age. You just need to pay for the session and have a ride to and from the studio.

15) Is it OK if I want to sing in Spanish or if I only speak Spanish?

Yes, our engineer is fluent in English and Spanish.

16) Can I drink alcohol or smoke in the studio?

No smoking of any kind is allowed in the studio. You can smoke outside or in your car. You can drink alcohol if you are at least 21 years old. Please be careful to not spill any drinks on the equipment.

17) Can I bring my own engineer or producer?

Yes. Our engineer will also be present.

18) Are there any breaks during the session?

If it's a lengthy session, you and the engineer may agree to take a meal break. You are NOT billed for this time.

19) Do you have any suggestions as to how I can better prepare for the recording session?

For recording, decide what the order of songs and order of instruments will be. If you are using a click track, practice with the click track and write down the beats per minute for each song. Regardless what you are recording, make sure to practice as much as possible so you can complete each recording in the minimum number of takes. This will save time and money.

20) Can you explain how the mixing process works?

If you are a full band, it will most likely take 4 to 7 hours to mix each song with 'radio ready quality'. After we finish mixing the first song, we send you a copy of the song. Then, you can either e-mail us back or come to the studio with a detailed list of changes to make. Thus, the first song always takes the longest. Once you are completely satisfied with the first song, we export the delay, reverb and other setting into the other sessions. This makes the mixing of all remaining songs much faster. Of course, if you have a smaller budget, we will make each song sound as good as possible in the number of hours that you tell us to spend on each song. The same process above would apply.

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